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Welcome to Hawaiian Airlines Virtual

November 30th, 2015

Hawaiian Airlines Virtual is a virtual airline that utilizes flight simulation software to simulate the real-world operations of Hawaiian Airlines and it's partners.

Our air crews vary in experience from the brand new flight simulation pilot to the experienced, multi-thousand hour, flight simulation pilot, with every type of pilot in between. Not to mention, our management is extremely knowledgeable in flight simulation and virtual airline management techniques.

We strongly encourage you to look around and browse our website. We also strongly encourage you to join us to begin progressing through our rank structure!

Management, Hawaiian Airlines Virtual

Company Activity
Crew Flight Departure Arrival Duration Landing Aircraft Status
HAL023 HAF 7744 PHNL YSSY 10.09 -146 B777-200
HAL109 CFS 611 PHMK PHNL 00.30 -192 AT42-500
HAL109 CFS 610 PHNL PHMK 00.16 -301 AT42-500
HAL023 HAL 442 RJCC PHNL 07.14 -121 B767-300
HAL023 HAL 441 PHNL RJCC 08.12 -178 B767-300
Crew Flight Departure Arrival Aircraft
No Scheduled Departures